Media Interview Questions


  1. What is the title of you new book? How to Get a Job in the 21st Century


  1. What motivated you to write this book?


During a period of 54 months back in the 80’s I had 8 different jobs.  I learned a lot about looking for a job during this time.  Over the years as I helped others with their job search I developed a set of notes that I would give out.  Notice I didn’t write a book about how to keep a job!


  1. How is your book different from other “How to get a job” books?


Other books concentrate on the mechanics of job search, like writing a resume and looking for job information on line.  People looking for a job spend their time looking for places that have openings.  What they should really be doing is looking for places that they would like to work for.  The real key is having a good plan and recognizing that job search is a sales process.  In this book we concentrate on following the sales process.  Whatever you did before or whatever you think you’d like to do, if you’re looking for a job, then you’re in sales.  To find a job you need to follow the sales process.


  1. What is the sales process?



  1. How does this translate into a job search?


The first step is what I call answering the “Whats”:  What do you want to do? And what do you bring to the party?


  1. What do you mean by, “What do you want to do?”


Many people start out searching for a new job when that’s the last thing they want.  You really have 5 choices:

·         Full time job

·         Temporary assignments

·         Temporary to permanent job

·         Work freelance

·         Start a business



7.      What about your second question: “What do you bring to the party?”


So many people today do not have a basic understanding of basic economics.  Why would somebody hire you?  The answer is so they can make a profit.  So the question is how is somebody going to make a profit from paying me?  In other words what can you do that’s valuable?


8.      How do people answer these questions?


By a process of guided discovery.  I believe in making lists


9.      Like what?


·         Make a list of your accomplishments.

·         Make a list of the things you've done that you enjoyed or were fun.

·         Make a list of the things you like about companies that you've worked for.

·         Make a list of the things you didn't like at companies that you've worked for.

·         Make a list of your skill set


10.  What’s the next step?


Suspects… where do you suspect might be a good place to work.


11.  What’s the next step?


Research the suspects to find out which are really prospects?


12.  And then what?


The next step is to set up interviews with you prospects.  I often ask people who are looking for jobs how many interviews they’ve had in the last week.  The usual answer I get is one or none.  So I ask, “so you’re the sales manager and you just found out that one of your sales executives has only many one sales call in the last week. How would you feel about that?”


13.  How can someone get your book?


It’s available on  The exact URL is available on